The First Annual Legislative Lunch

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On February 11, members of the Mid-Hudson School Study Council, Board of Education members and parents traveled to Albany. The purpose of the trip was to meet with our local state legislators and share our concerns regarding the dilemma of diminished instructional and non-instructional programs created by the on the tax Levy and the proposed state aid. We were able to conduct the meeting in the 711 room located in the Legislative Office Building as a result of the efforts of Sen. William Larkin. The event was well attended despite the inclement weather.

The event began with a regional doomsday overview presented by our Executive Director, Dr. Robert Dillon. His remarks were followed by three superintendents, John Evans from the Roscoe Central School District, Dr. Laval Wilson from the Poughkeepsie City School District and Dr. Ray Bryant from the Warwick Valley School District, who shared their experiences and concerns   planning future budgets and dismantling instructional programs as a result of rising expenses and declining revenues. The superintendents’ comments were followed by lunch, sponsored by Core BTS. The legislators were seated with members of the Council, board members and parents. The legislators in attendance included: Senators William Larkin and John Bonacic, Assemblywomen DiDi Barrett, Aileen Gunther, Ellen Jaffe, Assemblyman James Koufis, Frank Scartados and Kenneth Zebrowski.

The Council appreciates the support of our local legislators and looks forward to working with them in the future.